UM Holdings (UMH) is governed by a dedicated and experienced Board entrusted with providing oversight and strategic guidance in line with the overall objectives and goals of the Group. Led by the Chairman, the Board exercises its collective wisdom and experience in the best interests of UMH and its stakeholders in order to achieve the higher purpose of supporting UM. Going forward, UMH aspires to enhance the diversity and inclusivity of Board composition in accordance with best practice, to improve its future performance.

The C-Suite officers of the UMH Group are entrusted with ensuring that the execution of the Group’s strategies and operations are aligned with its vision, mission and targeted outcomes as guided by the Board of Directors. Collectively, the UMH Group senior executives have a wealth of experience across diverse sectors and roles and demonstrate the requisite qualities needed, including leadership, strategic and critical thinking, conflict management, decision making, professionalism, interpersonal and people skills, to help steer the organisation to new heights as the corporate value creation vehicle of Universiti Malaya (UM)