Our Business

UMH is a unique entity as it was established in 2001 as the investment holding company of Universiti Malaya (UM). Serving as the business and corporate vehicle for UM, UMH and its subsidiaries (the Group) are entrusted with the mandate of commercialising UM’s substantial capitals to create both financial and non-financial value and hence support UM’s long-term financial viability. In all that we do, we continually engage with UM on proposed major initiatives to monetise UM’s assets and resources within the context of the UM Master Plan which has a significant impact on the direction and activities of the UMH Group.

In 2020, the Group embarked on an extensive rationalisation exercise (RE) to establish a sound foundation for future excellence. This RE focused on setting up the Group’s direction and purpose, putting in place an appropriate corporate structure, strengthening good governance, instituting professional management and structuring operations in order to transform into a high-performing entity. The RE called for creating a business plan charting the Group’s future direction, implementing effective corporate governance structures and processes for robust oversight, inculcating a dynamic work culture led by professional management, and complying with proper accounting standards and business best practices.






Intellectual Capital

The Group’s Healthcare division is involved in the provision of tertiary medical services via its subsidiary UM Specialist Centre Sdn Bhd (“UMSC”) as well as pharmaceuticals businesses via UM Pharmauji Sdn Bhd. The Group’s Education division is spearheaded by the International University of Malaya- Wales Sdn Bhd (“IUMW”) which was established based on a mutual partnership between Universiti Malaya & the University of Wales, UK. The Group’s Plantation business began with the development of its Oil Palm Plantation estate in Kota Tinggi, Johor and the establishment of UM Plantations Sdn Bhd. UM Properties Sdn Bhd was established with the objective of monetising the landbanks and realty assets of Universiti Malaya (“UM”). It will be focusing on land and property development, project management consultancy and property & facilities management. The division comprises of UM Innovations Sdn Bhd and UM Capital Berhad tasked with the creation of technopreneurs among UM’s expert researchers and commercialising UM’s extensive IP and innovation resources.

In the immediate and short-term, the Group will continue its rationalisation and improvement efforts to enable our ongoing pursuit of excellence in UM’s best interests. We aim to be a formidable and committed partner to UM, contributing not only to its financial strengths but also its social impacts. To drive our vision, we will continue to deploy the following key strategies, which are to:

  1. Build and Strengthen our Core Businesses;
  2. Strengthen the Group Balance Sheet and Cashflow Position;
  3. Drive Towards Continuous Growth;
  4. Continue Operational Excellence. programmes and
  5. Strengthen Financial and Human Resource Planning to Enhance People’s Performance.

Moving forward, we will champion new business and investment opportunities in Healthcare, Education,  Plantations, Property and Intellectual Capital.